Server Rules

1. Absolutely no foul language/Racism 1st offense you will be warned If you continue you will be banned.

2. No hacks or cheats allowed this includes messing with your client side configs to gain advantage - We do CVAR checks!

3. Any exploits in the geometry or physics of the game will result in warning and ultimately you may be banned.

4. Do not be annoying to teammates (bashing them, shooting them, ruining their gameplay).just becuase there in your spot ingame etc.

5. Do not make accusations on server about cheater's/hacker's/ causes upset to player's that are very good.

6. A ladder kill is okay, however, ladder camping is NOT okay. Ladder camping is sitting in one spot shooting players on ladders for easy score.

7. No Bunny Hopping. (jumping up and down to try and avoid being shot)

8. No Clipping.(shooting through missing object ie:Rocks) No Glitching (sitting in a spot where you make kill but cannot be shot from)

9. Respect every player on the server.

10. No dropping to Spectate to find the location of a sniper on the other side - you will be kicked immediately for this!

11. No flopping (going prone/kneeling/standing very fast to avoid being shot)

12. No recruiting

13. No advertising other server IP's or asking our players to leave for your server - this is an immediate ban

14. Do not disrespect admins

15. Listen to admins and please do what they ask