08 May 2015
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Please watch.... 1 week 6 days ago #7121

Am a clean anti cheat player just clarfying how i play, For 15 year's of cod2 sniping..all server have time spawn, if player's dont move and become in line of fire there will be killed..dont shoot once shoot twice in the same place, 99% player's will come back,But that's my opion .it work's for me.

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Please watch.... 6 days 15 hours ago #7124

I watched all those... they don't know you as we do.
There will always be players who think other players are cheating but they don't understand long time players know all those old maps, they've seen many players, many tactics so they can pretty easliy adjust to all styles and get others down... That's called skills

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-I never make any mistake twice.
I make it six or seven times just to be sure...

Please watch.... 6 days 2 hours ago #7125

Thxs =CS= Pain_Kill3r,

What more can i say to reader's and player's out there, that dont understand long time player's Skill's, Ave been playing since cod came out.
Most of old time player's who no me, its not about kill's, its about not getting killed, To achieve this take's many year's and hour's of gaming.
knowing mostly old sniper map's from cod2 cod4 codww.

Most map's out there to day are old and got texture and contrast problem's...and even the new one's have.
But Remember its only a game, were guy's trying to have fun before cod series come's to a end the clock is ticking.. with out someone SHOUT'S CHEAT........................look at his score

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