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=CS=Dude4Him Hey, welcome back! Uncategorized (20.02.19, 15:19)(19:12)
=CS=SirJoe Hi Chips were still here mate..how are you Uncategorized (20.02.19, 12:42)(19:12)
=CS=Mr Chipz Hi all, its been a while... hope all are ok.. Uncategorized (20.02.19, 12:36)(19:12)
=CS=Dude4Him Anybody have any good feedback on BLOPSv4? I see it's on-sale 50% off so jsut wondering. Uncategorized (19.01.19, 18:46)(19:12)
=CS=V!peR-UK- Happy New Year all x Uncategorized (10.01.19, 01:12)(19:12)
=CS=SirJoe happy new year to all =CS= Team all the best for 2019 ..Tom Uncategorized (31.12.18, 16:33)(16:12)
=CS=un_Dutch_able Hi all, it's a bit late for Christmas wishes but not too late to wish you all a very blessed time with family and friends for the rest of the holidays. Enjoy, and be safe around fireworks etc. Cheers! Uncategorized (28.12.18, 13:53)(13:12)
=CS=Greenfox Merry Christmas bois! Uncategorized (26.12.18, 18:32)(18:12)
=CS=Dude4Him Merry Christmas! Uncategorized (26.12.18, 11:18)(11:12)
=CS=Canadian Merry Christmas to Everyone also. Be safe and Have a great New year Uncategorized (25.12.18, 20:11)(20:12)
=CS=SirJoe Merry Christmas to all members of =CS=Snipers Uncategorized (24.12.18, 20:16)(19:12)
Tom Hello anybody there where can help me I want to download the CoD4 MW2 Sniper Mod and every time bei the end of the download the connection lost,Thx Schenk Uncategorized (18.12.18, 20:10)(19:12)
Nightmare Lots of players on this evening. However PassaRinho Brazil still using language despite warnings. Needs to be banned. Is banned on most other servers for language and playing under maps Uncategorized (15.12.18, 01:18)(19:12)
=CS=Dude4Him I will be headed on a cruise ship this Sunday through Sunday so if ya' need me I may take awhile to reposnd Uncategorized (15.12.18, 01:00)(19:12)
Nightmare Sad that CsamC only admits to the cheating because he was caught. Poor character always shows in the end. Uncategorized (07.12.18, 21:18)(19:12)
=CS=Greenfox Your character is weak. That's why you cheating. Because you can not loose and accept it like a normal human. Cheaters have a personal problem with themselves. That's why they using hacks. At the end you cheat on yourself. You should shame yourself for this.. really. Please remove your profile from this site and go! You are a shame! Uncategorized (07.12.18, 18:32)(19:12)
=CS= CsamC =CS= is dead in cod2...and it was the real only one fair server..so thx all and bye bye Uncategorized (07.12.18, 12:02)(19:12)
=CS=SirJoe If cheating is your option,just ask your self were you a good player or not =CS=Sniper Clan has got good clean player's with many years of game play to achieve high scores, we dont tolerate cheater's Here Uncategorized (07.12.18, 09:59)(19:12)
=CS=Greenfox You choose to cheat as well? You are a shame for this clan! Get out of here! Uncategorized (06.12.18, 19:16)(19:12)
=CS= CsamC It was good playing with all of you but now cod it's full of cheaters and i have choose to cheating too,sorry,BYE Uncategorized (06.12.18, 14:09)(19:12)
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