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=CS=SgtCroker ring me up when you can Uncategorized (03.10.18, 04:44)(19:12)
=CS=SgtCroker hey pete whats going on? Uncategorized (03.10.18, 04:43)(19:12)
Nightmare Pero, PM Sent Uncategorized (19.09.18, 21:27)(19:12)
=CS=Deaf_Lady icod2 !! Uncategorized (27.08.18, 20:31)(20:08)
=CS=Deaf_Lady Pretty please update the sniper maps. Uncategorized (18.08.18, 00:27)(19:12)
Nightmare Good Morning! Any chance of updating the cod2 map rotation (all sniper maps)? Uncategorized (17.08.18, 13:27)(19:12)
=CS=Dude4Him Destiny 2 has good sniping and next huge expansion is Sept 4th. Uncategorized (16.08.18, 02:04)(19:12)
=CS=Greenfox Next good title is: Rising Storm 2: Vietnam Uncategorized (08.07.18, 14:25)(19:12)
=CS=Greenfox Another good title is: Day of Infamy. This game also has mod support. Uncategorized (08.07.18, 14:23)(19:12)
=CS=Greenfox If you like to snipe and gun you can take a look at: Arma III, Squad, Battlefield 4, Insurgency and Warface. There are more good games but I just have this titles in my mind. Uncategorized (08.07.18, 14:19)(19:12)
=CS=Deaf_Lady Thanks for clarifying. I might try out Sniper Elite. Do you have any other Rekommandations? Uncategorized (08.07.18, 02:25)(19:12)
=CS=Greenfox It hurts.... but the only chance is to go away from CoD and move on to other and new games. Uncategorized (07.07.18, 16:13)(19:12)
=CS=Greenfox If we can not change something then our clan will die as well as the ICSL. The ICSL staff is blind and old. And very, very conservative. Instead of giving the league new air to breath... the conservative staff has decited to stay with CoD 2 and 4 although there are better and new games like Sniper Elite and so on with a bigger chance to gain more members. Uncategorized (07.07.18, 16:11)(19:12)
=CS=Greenfox Gametracker has not shut down. It's still working and still active. I don't know where you got that information from. You should not stay with CoD2/CoD4. Both games are legends but the reality is that both titles are not well enough visited anymore. And staying with this old titles is definitely the wrong way if you want to bring the clan forward. It's very important to NOT be conservative when it comes to old games. Like I said we need to focus on new games. We need go with time and not backwards. Uncategorized (07.07.18, 16:04)(19:12)
=CS=Deaf_Lady Thanks CS=Greenfox. I have to agree with you. I hate seeing COD2 dying off and no one being there anymore. Gametracker has shut down :( I have no interest in Destiny2, too much stress with all that new stuff. I'm gonna stay with COD2 and COD4. I wonder why so many ppl have left? We have had awesome times and I surely miss them. I hope ppl come back again. Don't let COD2/4 die! Thanks greenfox for all your work. Uncategorized (06.07.18, 23:42)(19:12)
=CS=Greenfox We should also give up TeamSpeak and change to Discord. It's free for everyone and you can open and create your own (TeamSpeak Servers) for FREE. Uncategorized (06.07.18, 12:28)(19:12)
=CS=Greenfox I can help with background design for our website and clan logo and fonts and so on. I'm ready for change. Because I want a change. I don't want to see this die. It would be a shame. Uncategorized (06.07.18, 12:21)(19:12)
=CS=Greenfox Right now.... we're moving backwards into the wrong direction. Into a direction where our clan can not survive the next 5 years. Uncategorized (06.07.18, 12:17)(19:12)
=CS=Greenfox Furthermore I would edit the website and remove all CoD signs from it. We should be free for many games and not only for CoD in general. I would like to see a more neutral website with less CoD signs. We need a change if we want to see things run properly into the right direction. Uncategorized (06.07.18, 12:16)(19:12)
=CS=Greenfox We need more dedicated peoples. With interest to play the same games like we do or like we want. To achive this, we need to join games with non toxic communitys. CoD in general has a very toxic community which we can not need for our quiet and peaceful clan. Uncategorized (06.07.18, 12:13)(19:12)
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