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Nightmare Sad that CsamC only admits to the cheating because he was caught. Poor character always shows in the end. Uncategorized (07.12.18, 21:18)(19:12)
=CS=Greenfox Your character is weak. That's why you cheating. Because you can not loose and accept it like a normal human. Cheaters have a personal problem with themselves. That's why they using hacks. At the end you cheat on yourself. You should shame yourself for this.. really. Please remove your profile from this site and go! You are a shame! Uncategorized (07.12.18, 18:32)(19:12)
=CS= CsamC =CS= is dead in cod2...and it was the real only one fair server..so thx all and bye bye Uncategorized (07.12.18, 12:02)(19:12)
=CS=SirJoe If cheating is your option,just ask your self were you a good player or not =CS=Sniper Clan has got good clean player's with many years of game play to achieve high scores, we dont tolerate cheater's Here Uncategorized (07.12.18, 09:59)(19:12)
=CS=Greenfox You choose to cheat as well? You are a shame for this clan! Get out of here! Uncategorized (06.12.18, 19:16)(19:12)
=CS= CsamC It was good playing with all of you but now cod it's full of cheaters and i have choose to cheating too,sorry,BYE Uncategorized (06.12.18, 14:09)(19:12)
=CS=Deaf_Lady xlrstats works but it takes long to load, says waiting for response from CS. I wonder what the problem is, I don't have that problem on other servers Uncategorized (06.12.18, 00:51)(19:12)
=CS=Dude4Him The command is !xlrstats in-game Uncategorized (24.11.18, 22:12)(19:12)
=CS=un_Dutch_able Ive had a chat with Greenfox: guys, WOW! Like music to my ears!! I would love to join if youre at servers tomorrow, I hop I can! Man, have I missed this! Uncategorized (24.11.18, 21:47)(19:12)
=CS=Deaf_Lady should i console typen !stats again ?? Uncategorized (24.11.18, 20:44)(19:12)
=CS=Deaf_Lady site map xlrstats can not open . say waiting response for cs\ Uncategorized (24.11.18, 20:43)(19:12)
=CS=Deaf_Lady yes i dit it. and ste map too both no work Uncategorized (24.11.18, 20:42)(19:12)
=CS=Dude4Him DId you click on the link on my post below? Uncategorized (24.11.18, 20:40)(19:12)
=CS=Deaf_Lady no work xlrstats :( Uncategorized (24.11.18, 20:38)(19:12)
=CS=Dude4Him BTW, XLRSTATS DO work for our =CS= CoD2 Sniper Server! http://www.christiansnipers.com/stats Uncategorized (24.11.18, 18:43)(19:12)
=CS=Dude4Him New CoD2 Sniper Rotation Nov 24th! Uncategorized (24.11.18, 18:23)(19:12)
=CS=Dude4Him ok I'll work on it this weekend ;-) Uncategorized (24.11.18, 16:17)(19:12)
Nightmare Agreed. Uncategorized (18.11.18, 20:42)(19:12)
=CS=Greenfox I would remove all R&G maps as soon as possible. Uncategorized (17.11.18, 21:48)(19:12)
=CS=Pain_Kill3r Hmmm... that makes me suggest removing all r&g maps at least for a while, maybe forever. But what Pete says gives an idea to remove R&G to see if we can revive the server. I've visited on other servers and our server has the best mod thanks to Chiblu and Ken for their work with this mod. Especially our zoom is so smooth. Uncategorized (17.11.18, 17:46)(19:12)
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