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=CS=SirJoe Hi Deaf_Lady sorry to here about your loss,you got my depest sympathy.Take care Uncategorized (22.03.19, 09:02)(19:12)
=CS=Deaf_Lady Hi :) Maybe you all are wondering that I haven`t been playing in a long time. the readon is that my beloved husband has passed away last month. i moved to my daughter from south to north in Wa. was very busy. . just have i little time to play again. Uncategorized (22.03.19, 02:13)(19:12)
=CS=Greenfox Hello guys. I'm still alive as well. lol Uncategorized (13.03.19, 22:18)(19:12)
=CS=Dude4Him Hi Viper, Hi Canadian like old times ;-) Uncategorized (10.03.19, 23:30)(19:12)
=CS=SirJoe Hi =CS=Canadian its been along time,i hope you doing ok mate.we need a weekend of bashing ya and others like the good old days. Uncategorized (06.03.19, 06:26)(19:12)
=CS=Canadian Hi to all. I miss all the times we had. New computers and cannot load COD 2 or 4. I find my stress levels have increased greatly as gaming with you all dropped the stress by being able to shoot others and bash them. Fun times. Hope everyone is well. Take care all. Uncategorized (05.03.19, 15:52)(19:12)
=CS=SirJoe Hi gary nice to see ya ..we need to catch up on team speak my old mate. Uncategorized (04.03.19, 09:12)(19:12)
=CS=V!peR-UK- Hi all how we doing Uncategorized (03.03.19, 21:03)(19:12)
=CS=Dude4Him Hey, welcome back! Uncategorized (20.02.19, 14:19)(19:12)
=CS=SirJoe Hi Chips were still here mate..how are you Uncategorized (20.02.19, 11:42)(19:12)
=CS=Mr Chipz Hi all, its been a while... hope all are ok.. Uncategorized (20.02.19, 11:36)(19:12)
=CS=Dude4Him Anybody have any good feedback on BLOPSv4? I see it's on-sale 50% off so jsut wondering. Uncategorized (19.01.19, 17:46)(19:12)
=CS=V!peR-UK- Happy New Year all x Uncategorized (10.01.19, 00:12)(19:12)
=CS=SirJoe happy new year to all =CS= Team all the best for 2019 ..Tom Uncategorized (31.12.18, 15:33)(15:12)
=CS=un_Dutch_able Hi all, it's a bit late for Christmas wishes but not too late to wish you all a very blessed time with family and friends for the rest of the holidays. Enjoy, and be safe around fireworks etc. Cheers! Uncategorized (28.12.18, 12:53)(12:12)
=CS=Greenfox Merry Christmas bois! Uncategorized (26.12.18, 17:32)(17:12)
=CS=Dude4Him Merry Christmas! Uncategorized (26.12.18, 10:18)(10:12)
=CS=Canadian Merry Christmas to Everyone also. Be safe and Have a great New year Uncategorized (25.12.18, 19:11)(19:12)
=CS=SirJoe Merry Christmas to all members of =CS=Snipers Uncategorized (24.12.18, 19:16)(19:12)
Tom Hello anybody there where can help me I want to download the CoD4 MW2 Sniper Mod and every time bei the end of the download the connection lost,Thx Schenk Uncategorized (18.12.18, 19:10)(19:12)
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