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    Christian Snipers has formed over many years started from tags as {SiR} from =CS=George to {SiC} Soldiers in Christ with Ken then to Christians Snipers.
    and for awhile Thundering Legion but a few member's missed the =CS= tag Christian Snipers so here we are now ..

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    and oppisite image are some of the games we play.
    Please note applications with names/player names not known will be ignored

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    Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 will receive a map editor and modding tools for its PC version in 2016, developer Treyarch has announced.

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    Sniper Elite 4 is the next game in the award-winning, chart-topping shooter series. Launching this year, Sniper Elite 4 combines genre-defining ballistics, breathless emergent stealth, and gripping thirdperson action across the largest and most diverse environments ever seen in a Sniper Elite game Release Date now early 2017

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=CS=SirJoe Hi Rafael its been along time how are you. Uncategorized (15.10.19, 10:53)(19:12)
Rafael PM me if u remember asala :)) Uncategorized (14.10.19, 21:37)(19:12)
Rafael hi guys. Uncategorized (14.10.19, 21:36)(19:12)
=CS=Dude4Him Hi Bob, CoD games have been in a drought for a number of years. We're still around just playing around other games. I've been tinkering in Destiny2 for awhile, for instance. Uncategorized (14.08.19, 09:46)(19:12)
Bob Dane Bob Dane, Bob Dane, Uncategorized (02.08.19, 13:19)(19:12)
Bob Dane Always played on yr site WaW but does anyone play there anymore? Uncategorized (28.07.19, 13:14)(13:07)
=CS=SirJoe this would be a great Pc game for multi players.. Uncategorized (25.06.19, 11:29)(11:06)
=CS=Condor Hi all sorry it's been so long been up the wall with work and personal crap Uncategorized (17.06.19, 23:34)(19:12)
=CS=SirJoe thxs nightmare,,theres a old saying,you cant learn a old dog new trick.s but sheep will follow. Uncategorized (04.06.19, 21:57)(19:12)
Nightmare Keep up the traffic! Great to see! Uncategorized (03.06.19, 21:50)(19:12)
=CS=SirJoe Hi all,yesterday cod2 sniper server's was banging good turn out of old school player's it was like blast from the past,many thank's to my old crew =CS=icsl team member's,when its count's we have still got it...keep playing guy's and girl's, keep cod2 alive till its die's.Remember without Ken this would never happen..Thank you old mate. Uncategorized (03.06.19, 14:17)(19:12)
=CS=Dude4Him @IAF YEP It's on our downloads page. Just change the sniper only settings because it's still v2.9 Uncategorized (27.05.19, 09:23)(09:05)
=CS=Dude4Him Hi Guys! Nah, no new maps needed because not many players have played the current rotation ;-) Uncategorized (27.05.19, 09:22)(09:05)
=CS=SirJoe Hi Greenfox thxs mate for your reply but after all these years to see old and new players ..2019 thats good as new games keep poping up..all i need is for my good old friend ken to put some new maps on....God Bless =CS= Members Uncategorized (24.05.19, 19:37)(19:12)
=CS=Greenfox Hi Tom, the reason for the increasement is that the CoD 2 master server have a big problem again and there are just 10 servers visible on the server list out of 50 servers or something. That's why peoples have our attention again. Uncategorized (24.05.19, 17:44)(19:12)
=CS=SirJoe its nice to see a slow increase of players returning,mostly them who have had enough of bad servers with hacker's Uncategorized (23.05.19, 21:45)(19:12)
IAF YEP Does anyone have a copy of eXtreme v2.9? I know Dude did Uncategorized (10.05.19, 14:19)(19:12)
IAF YEP Yep, Thats me... KY :) Uncategorized (10.05.19, 14:19)(19:12)
Walter see there a Kentucky boy on here Uncategorized (09.05.19, 00:23)(19:12)
IAF YEP i just click on the tild sign ~ to pull up the cammand console then type the following connect Uncategorized (09.05.19, 00:19)(19:12)
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        Christian Snipers

        The reality is, we are NOTHING without Jesus. But we are EVERYTHING in Him....

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