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    and for awhile Thundering Legion but a few member's missed the =CS= tag Christian Snipers so here we are now ..

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=CS=Greenfox Hello Marthijn. My dad's condition is better but he needs time to wake up from the coma. He also have a lung infection which needs to disappear first before he can start to recover completely.Thank you for the blessing mate. Uncategorized (24.04.18, 15:41)(19:12)
=CS=un_Dutch_able How is your dad doing? And you? God bless your father m8! Uncategorized (24.04.18, 09:38)(19:12)
=CS=Greenfox He's in a critical but stable condition. He's in an artificial coma to avoid brain damage because he was without propper oxygen for almost an hour. Uncategorized (20.04.18, 08:19)(19:12)
=CS=Dude4Him CoD Black Ops 4 will NOT have a Single Player.!!! IT will have a battle royale mode like fortnite, geesh, Activision gets dumber as time goes by. Uncategorized (19.04.18, 21:14)(19:12)
=CS=Dude4Him YOu got it! Any update? Uncategorized (19.04.18, 21:13)(19:12)
=CS=Greenfox Please pray for my Dad. He had a heart attack yesterday. Uncategorized (19.04.18, 06:45)(19:12)
andrew mazzetti I have found the issue, it is because I have boon on a different server, close COD completly then reopen it fixes the problem Uncategorized (10.04.18, 18:54)(19:12)
=CS=Pain_Kill3r I usually connect via console... Just open your console and type there /connect and press enter. I'm lazy to browse server list so I use that shortcut Uncategorized (04.04.18, 11:31)(19:12)
=CS=Pain_Kill3r Maybe you need to re-install the game. I didn't get anything like that but I got "wrong key code" after re-installing the whole windows. Now everything runs fine. Uncategorized (04.04.18, 11:29)(19:12)
andrew mazzetti I am unable to connect to you server anymore, i get a message about bot stand, is this why others are not playing here anymore? and how do i fix it? Uncategorized (31.03.18, 19:41)(19:03)
=CS=Greenfox Still alive. But almost dead... player numbers dropped from over 16.000 at the beginning to ~220. Just 1.4 % still playing thats a lose of 98.6% Uncategorized (30.03.18, 12:35)(12:03)
=CS=Dude4Him Is anyone playing 1944 anymore? I think it died out. Uncategorized (29.03.18, 19:20)(19:03)
=CS=Greenfox What about Battalion 1944 server? Uncategorized (29.03.18, 11:11)(11:03)
=CS=Greenfox Nice! Thanks! Uncategorized (29.03.18, 11:09)(11:03)
=CS=Dude4Him Cool! I'll try to update Joomla Uncategorized (29.03.18, 01:46)(01:03)
=CS=V!peR-UK- New template up I know the colours are out I’ll will get around to that any other issues though let me know Uncategorized (29.03.18, 01:45)(01:03)
=CS=V!peR-UK- There will be a new forum uploaded soon it’s an updated version of drive the one we used to have but it’s only recently been updated Uncategorized (28.03.18, 20:19)(20:03)
=CS=Greenfox This is the problem: Uncategorized (28.03.18, 19:01)(19:03)
=CS=V!peR-UK- Hi fox what’s the problem ? Uncategorized (28.03.18, 11:22)(11:03)
=CS=Greenfox Can someone please fix the forum section? Uncategorized (27.03.18, 21:05)(21:03)
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Christian Snipers

RT @JesusGraces: If you confess with your mouth, "Jesus is Lord," & believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be sa…

by Christian Snipers

Christian Snipers

The reality is, we are NOTHING without Jesus. But we are EVERYTHING in Him....

by Christian Snipers

Call of Duty

RT @SHGames: Great job! Tier 1 of the #CODWWII Blitzkrieg Community Challenge has been completed! Eligible players can find the "Clip" Embl…

by Call of Duty

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