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    Christian Snipers has formed over many years started from tags as {SiR} from =CS=George to {SiC} Soldiers in Christ with Ken then to Christians Snipers.
    and for awhile Thundering Legion but a few member's missed the =CS= tag Christian Snipers so here we are now ..

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=CS=Greenfox Don't worry Gary. Next time. We will need at least 6 players for this event on WaW. So at least we can play 3vs3. Come one people don't let me down. I still don't know how to reload my bullets. Uncategorized (22.08.16, 19:52)(19:12)
=CS=V!peR-UK- Sorry guys at work can't make :( Uncategorized (21.08.16, 20:22)(19:12)
=CS=Mr Chipz If we have any fluent 'French' speaking members, I have a regular player - FAUCON- wishing to join the ranks... Uncategorized (21.08.16, 18:54)(19:12)
=CS=Mr Chipz CoD 5 WaW anyone..... Shout me tonight - on TS3..... Uncategorized (21.08.16, 18:11)(19:12)
=CS=Canadian I could move out here, but all the houses I like are over 2 million. I'm like 1.75 million short. Uncategorized (19.08.16, 04:31)(19:12)
=CS=Canadian At Airport flying back to Ontario. Victoria is a beautiful place weather is over 30 today. It's hot Uncategorized (19.08.16, 04:29)(19:12)
=CS=Greenfox Enjoy Derek. Uncategorized (18.08.16, 22:28)(19:12)
=CS=Deaf_Lady That's cool Derek, I was just touring Port Angeles with my girlfriends last Sunday. I've been at the beach on the. Opposite side of the beach of Victoria BC. Enjoy your time there it sure is beautiful. Uncategorized (17.08.16, 16:33)(19:12)
=CS=Canadian In Canada now near Deaf Lady I am in Victoria B.C weather is fantastic. Want to stay here. Uncategorized (15.08.16, 21:55)(19:12)
=CS=Canadian To all. My apologies some comments were OTT. So sorry Mr Bond you are included in that apology, now Ino more please and thank you all. Uncategorized (15.08.16, 21:52)(19:12)
=CS=V!peR-UK- So no more please Uncategorized (15.08.16, 21:10)(19:12)
=CS=V!peR-UK- Topic was closed everything was said plus it was in wrong topic Uncategorized (15.08.16, 21:10)(19:12)
=CS=V!peR-UK- And you Dutch :) Uncategorized (13.08.16, 12:22)(19:12)
=CS=un_Dutch_able Have a nice weekend all! Be blessed!! Uncategorized (12.08.16, 22:33)(19:12)
=CS=V!peR-UK- Pete PM mate Uncategorized (11.08.16, 18:07)(19:12)
=CS=Dude4Him Replied ;-) Uncategorized (11.08.16, 17:24)(19:12)
=CS=Nightmare Ken, PM Sent. Thanks! Uncategorized (11.08.16, 16:17)(19:12)
=CS=Pero ok Walter, tnx Uncategorized (11.08.16, 11:25)(19:12)
=CS=Nightmare Player Johnboy was present as well and also pointed it out. Uncategorized (10.08.16, 15:56)(19:12)
=CS=Nightmare Player 50Cent|R4mbo was caught dropping into spec and immediately returning multiple times and was warned on Square Map. No Mod/Admin present. Only 3 players on map so it was obvious. Uncategorized (10.08.16, 15:55)(19:12)
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Christian Snipers

Commit to the LORD whatever you do, & your plans will succeed. - Prov 16:3

by Christian Snipers

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